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HTLT™ is an ultra-high temperature, optical grade thermoplastic that is characterized by a high index of refraction, excellent transmission, and a sustained operating temperature up to 150° C. It is a tough, impact resistant thermoplastic that can be injection molded with precision detail at high production rates for the photonics industry, including primary and secondary LED applications. Given its high glass transition temperature and excellent thermal insulation properties, HTLT™ is suitable for use in solder reflow processes including lead-free solder reflow applications.

HTLT™ Thermoplastics are available in several grades and are recommended for use in photonics applications including general illumination, automotive lighting, backlighting for mobile appliances and computers, display lighting for signage and advertising, light pipes and reflectors, infrared electronic switching devices, lasers, infrared fiber optic cable, digital cameras, and solvent cast films.

Product sheets are listed below.

  •   Water-White Clarity

•   High Visible and IR Light Transmission

•   Low Color (Y.I. < 0.7 @ 1 mm thickness)

•   High Thermal Insulation Value/ High Tg

•   High Operating Temperatures (up to 150° C)

•   Primary & Secondary Lens Use

•   Excellent Thermal Oxidative Stability

•   Hard Lens Material with High Gloss Surfaces

•   Engineered to Mold Precision Details

•   Custom Grades Available

•   Compatible w. High Index Silicone Underfills


•   High Refractive Index (1.555–1.561 @ 589 nm)

•   Low Haze (< 0.7 @ 1 mm thickness)

•   ABBE Value: 33

•   RoHS Compliant/ Lead Free Solder Reflow Use

•   Superior Impact Resistance

•   Excellent Photolytic Oxidative Stability (>400 nm)

•   Excellent Hydrolytic Oxidation Stability

•   Surface Treatable: (AR & High Temp. Coatings)

•   Injection Moldable/High Production Rates

•   Passes 85° C r.h./85° C Temp. Testing, 1000 Hours

•   Compatible w. Silicone Primers


HTLT 1070AA Thermoplastic Product Sheet

HTLT 1073XT Thermoplastic Product Sheet