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SUNSPHERES™ and SUNSPACERS™ are optically clear, solid, amorphous, fused silica nanospheres, microspheres, and micronized powders designed for optimum dispersion in paints, coatings, inks, adhesives, and thermoplastics. These specially engineered, multi-functional additives provide the following benefits:
- reduced shrinkage/improved adhesion

- impact strength

- anti-corrosion barrier
- mar, scratch, and abrasion resistance

- optical effects/ color density

- enhanced UV curing
Silane surface treatments and innovative dispersions are available upon request

The SUNSPHERES 32.0 are optically clear, solid microspheres having an average particle size of 32 microns.  The ceramic nature of the product makes coatings hard and durable.  These microspheres have a low surface area and are easily dispersed.

The SUNSPHERES 15.0 are optically clear microspheres having an average particle size of 15 microns. This product represents the same performance characteristics as the SUNSPHERES 32.0 but in a smaller micron size.

The SUNSPHERES 03.0 are solid, optically clear microspheres having an average particle size of 3 microns, with 95% passing 25 microns. These microspheres are ideally suited for specialty applications where mechanical and rheological properties are required.

The SUNSPHERES 200 Nm are optically clear nanospheres having an average particle size of 200 nanometers.  These nanospheres are used to improve surface properties and to enhance UV cure.  Sunspheres™ 200 Nm are especially effective in corrosion resistant, high solids and UV primer formulations.

Sunspheres 32.0 Data Sheet

Sunspheres 15.0 Data Sheet

Sunspheres 03.0 Data Sheet


The SUNSPACERS 04.X  are finely divided, optically clear, micronized particles having a median particle size of 3-4 microns, and a top particle size of about 10 microns. The SUNSPACERS 04.X are stable in a wide variety of resins and provide exceptional mechanical property performance. 

The SUNSPACERS 08.X are finely divided, optically clear, micronized powders having an average particle size of 7-8 microns, with 90% passing 45 microns. SUNSPACERS 08.X are chemically stable in a vast range or resins and pH.  These micronized powders are easily dispersed due to their low surface area.

Sunspacers 04.X Data Sheet

Sunspacers 08.X Data Sheet